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17.11.2010 | 21:34

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I am looking for a native Russian speaker that can translate my multi-language website from English to Russian.
There are about 7-8 A4 pages to be translated and I don't request you to have any certification - just to be native, to have some free time and to be willing to do this. The texts are partially translated, but they need to be reviewed and corrected. Please contact me on PM for details.

I hope you will not consider my posting SPAM (that's why I don't publicly specify which is my website) and answer to my request here or in private.


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17.11.2010 | 22:15

Hola! I can try!

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18.11.2010 | 10:42

I can also try, just contact me

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18.11.2010 | 17:40

I want to help you))

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11.01.2011 | 16:24

Thank you all for the interest and help. I found a person who translated my website and the Russian version of the website is now available online at http://www.lowcostroutes.com/ru . I hope you like it and enjoy using it. And if you find any mistakes of you have comments, don't hesitate to contact me!